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A satiated stomach also feeds an enquiring mind


Making sure your kids have a healthy lunch that they enjoy can be difficult for a lot of families. It can be time-consuming and expensive especially if you have picky eaters and a tight budget. Rotary Club happily runs the Lunch Bag Program in which we feed 180 kids for an entire school year. Every lunchtime, we will provide lunches that typically consist of a sandwich, granola bar, fruit, and a juice box prepared and delivered by our team of gracious volunteers.


Trying to learn while hungry is very difficult. No child should have to sit in class unable to concentrate because he or she is hungry. The School Lunch Program began in 2011 and has since flourished thanks to the many dedicated volunteers. Rotary is humbled by our participation in the program and are committed to ensuring that children and families have access to these free lunches.


If you’re a family with school-aged children living in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows or want to volunteer, contact Rotary Club to get involved. We are grateful for the generosity of all those who have given their time, energy, and resources to this program. More importantly, we are blessed to have these children and their families join Rotary Club in promoting education and health throughout the school year.